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Imagine Marketing and Sales with one integrated data set.

Understanding marketing influence on conversions throughout your sales pipeline is a difficult insight to come by. It’s always been a future promise of data analytics.

But now it can happen for you. Let Stoke integrate your marketing and sales data from spend to sale.
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Adobe Analytics + CRM Integration

In about an hour, stitch CRM data to Adobe Analytics behavioral data set up daily updates you can view directly in Analysis Workspace. This award-winning solution is available on the Adobe Exchange. Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics

Content ROI Analysis

Don’t spend millions of dollars creating digital content with no way to measure its influence on sales. Use Stoke Pulse to connect online content to offline sales, map your customer journey, and know the ROI of every piece of content in a first-of-its-kind dashboard. Learn more

Marketing Analytics Consulting

Let our experts solve your most complex data needs. We can help you track every marketing dollar through every touchpoint on the customer journey all the way to the final sale. Optimize your budgets with powerful knowledge of which channels are converting to sales.
  • Know the true profitability of your marketing campaigns
  • Gain real insights into the customer journey
  • See which paths are bringing you customers, and which paths are not
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