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We were continually asked how our form fills are performing down the funnel and we were never able to give a good answer – until now. Stoke’s Micro Integration has finally given us the full-journey visibility we’ve been searching for.

Nibedita Samal

HEAD OF analytics and DATA science

We use the lead stage data that is updated automatically in Workspace to guide our campaigns and we create segments to hyper personalize and give our customers what they need.

Ben Meacham

Sr manager b2b web analytics

Three Key Impacts


Increased trust from stakeholders


Closed-loop visibility inside of Adobe Analytics


Optimization and personalization superior to the competition

Implementation Details

The Challenge: Flying Blind in Adobe Analytics (zero visibility to the bottom of the funnel)

Marketo’s website is set up to track all visitors and many web behaviors including form fills. Although their Adobe Analytics instance is more than capable of tracking all web actions, so many questions from stakeholders lingered about what happens off the website: 

– How do our form fills perform further down funnel such as AQL and MAL? 
– How can we know job title, account name, current lead status and opportunity stages for better targeting?
 – Which content and campaigns are resonating most with targeted accounts and personas? 

The Marketo team had zero visibility to these insights inside of Adobe Analytics.

The Solution: Stoke Integration

The Marketo team reached out to Stoke to explore their Micro Integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Adobe Analytics. The team was impressed with the ease of use, low Salesforce requirements and the ability of this integration to focus in on the exact data Marketo wanted to see from Salesforce inside of Adobe Analytics. After internal review, Marketo selected Stoke for the integration.

The Result: Full-Funnel Optics in Adobe Analytics

With the Micro Integration in place and enriched visitor data from Salesforce  such as Job Title, Account Name, AQL, MAL, Opportunities and Closed Won inside of Adobe, the Marketo team was able to deliver compelling analytics to Stakeholders on the performance of their content from the top of the funnel to the bottom. They now walk into any meeting with their access to all of this customer journey data right inside of Adobe Analytics.

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