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You can only improve what you measure.

Your goal is to drive sales at a profitable level throughout all campaigns. Measuring the success of that goal, however, is challenging. Ads are in the ad platform with metadata stored in one system. Customer behavior is tracked separately in your web analytics solution. Your sales leads and deals are tracked in your CRM or POS. You need to bring the data together.

With Stoke it's possible

Stoke solutions stitch data from all marketing and sales platforms.

With other solutions you’re linking maybe two or three systems at most. Or pulling together data only to have it remain completely disconnected in a single database — leaving you a step behind rather than a step ahead. With Stoke’s integrated view of customer data, you’ll stand toe-to-toe with the CFO as you quantify in dollar amounts how your hard work impacts revenue.

Stoke has the data integration and marketing measurement solutions you need to optimize marketing spend, improve your ROI, and increase revenue. That’s the bottom line.

Check out these Stoke solutions:

Adobe Analytics + CRM Integration Stitch CRM data to Adobe Analytics behavioral data—in about 1 hour. Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics
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Web Content ROI Analysis Integrating CRM and web analytics to see the complete customer journey. Discover how your web content is influencing the offline deals that are tracked in your CRM. Explore Stoke Pulse
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Marketing Analytics Consulting Let our experts solve your most complex data needs. We can help you track every dollar of marketing spend through every touchpoint on the customer journey all the way to the final sale. Optimize your marketing and advertising budgets with powerful knowledge of which content assets are converting to sales.
  • Know the true profitability of your marketing campaigns
  • Gain real insights into the customer journey
  • See which paths are bringing customers, and which are not
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