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Announcing Adobe Analytics + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Now you can integrate your Dynamics CRM data with Adobe Analytics for immediate access to down-funnel conversions from MQL to closed deals. And it’s all visible right in Analysis Workspace.

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1 hour to connect your Microsoft Dynamics & Adobe Analytics data

  • Easy setup

    All it takes is a conversation and credentials, and we can get your data stitched in about an hour. Not six months, not six weeks, just 60 minutes.

  • Fully automated

    Our integration sends your CRM data into Adobe Analytics on a daily basis at the time you specify.

  • Connect multiple CRMs

    Configure customer attributes and integrate both lead and contact data. You’ll be able to see status for leads and opportunity stages in multiple dimensions.

  • No CRM Schema is too complex

    Our integration handles standard objects, custom objects, and everything in between.

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“It’s a really great, quick integration product

that ties together digital behavior in Adobe Analytics with offline behavior in your CRM. I’m excited to be a partner with Stoke.”

Nate Smith, Group Manager, Adobe Analytics, Adobe
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Stitch Microsoft Dynamics CRM data to your Adobe Analytics data.

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Also available: Salesforce + Adobe Analytics

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