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Adobe Analytics + Salesforce Integration

Now you can integrate your Salesforce CRM data with Adobe Analytics for immediate access to down-funnel conversions from MQL to closed deals. And it’s all visible right in Analysis Workspace.

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1 hour to connect your Salesforce & Adobe Analytics data

  • Easy setup

    All it takes is a conversation and credentials, and we can get your data stitched in about an hour. Not six months, not six weeks, just 60 minutes.

  • Fully automated

    Our integration sends your Salesforce CRM data into Adobe Analytics on a daily basis at the time you specify.

  • Connect multiple CRMs

    Configure customer attributes and integrate both lead and contact data. You’ll be able to see status for leads and opportunity stages in multiple dimensions.

  • No CRM Schema is too complex

    Our integration handles standard objects, custom objects, and everything in between.

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"The first win for us was how simple the integration was.

We now have automatic daily updates of CRM data in Analysis Workspace that helps us see what web content customers are interacting with, where they are in the sales cycle, and what next experience will be most effective in nurturing our relationship with them."

Rick Tolman, VP Global Demand Generation, Pluralsight
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Stitch Salesforce CRM data to your Adobe Analytics data.

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Also available: Microsoft Dynamics + Adobe Analytics

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