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Take the Pulse of every piece of content.

You spend millions of dollars creating digital content — blog posts, videos, podcasts, social posts, and more. You can use web analytics to track customer interaction with that content, but if you’re a B2B marketer the trail ends there. Most B2B conversions are offline deals tracked in a separate database and the connection between marketing content and sales revenue remains anyone’s guess.

Stoke Pulse gives web analytics data meaningful business context by helping you visualize and analyze the entire customer journey across every content touchpoint — from first touch to deal close. Stoke Pulse dashboards give you a holistic view of your customers’ actions, including who engaged, how they engaged, and what impact it had on your sales.

Now you’ll stand toe-to-toe with the CFO as you quantify in dollar amounts how your hard work impacts revenue.

  • Generate meaningful metrics

    Measure content in real revenue terms, not just clicks and impressions. By moving away from these basic benchmarks, you’ll be able to build and execute marketing strategies from the inside out.

  • Inform and inspire campaigns

    It’s hard to see what experiences are driving customers to take action — and that can leave you low on results and budget. Stoke Pulse helps identify what content works when.

  • Interactive dashboard access

    Get a real-time snapshot of of your content and overall campaign performance, plus end-to-end insights to help you determine what media, topics, authors, and placements are moving the needle.

Screenshot of Stoke Pulse
Screenshot of Stoke Pulse
  • Simplify attribution

    Visualize the entire customer journey and see what — and who — influences every decision. When you can connect the content to the conversion, you can do more of what works.

  • Improve your influence

    See total dollar amounts at a glance for ROI numbers associated with each piece of content and each campaign. When you can quantify your sales influence you improve your own influence in language familiar to the CFO.

  • Create content that closes

    Get detailed insight into the effectiveness of different media types, topics, or authors by seeing what helps close deals.

“Stoke Pulse gives us a seat at the executive table,

where people don’t talk about impressions and likes, they talk about dollars and cents. We can showcase just how important we are to the sales funnel. That gives us clout that we never had before and helps us justify our budget.”

Mark Boothe, Head of Adobe Experience Cloud Social Media, Adobe
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